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Medium-Flow- 5-20 gallons per minute


Perfect for medium-flow individual underground well and small industrial applications.

The 5-20 gallon per minute (gpm) ADS Arsenic Filter Technology is the only NSF/ANSI 61 certified filter cartridge of its kind that can be used for a variety of applications namely potable water treatment of small individual underground well and industrial applications. 30-40'' easy insert filters are used in a Medium-Flow ADS water treatment system. Each replaceable filter is designed to treat up to 50,000L or 13,200 gallons of potable water, completely removing harmful Arsenic (III) and Arsenic (V) from concentrations of up to 50 parts per billion (ppb) down to non-detect. No pre-treatment or post-treatment needed.
Premium ADS filters capable of >50ppb Arsenic levels treatment available- Contact us for pricing.

Small Footprint- 63-5/16" x 18" Dimensions
Flange or 2'' NPT inlet and outlet connections
306  Stainless Steel
Hydraulic Lid Lift with swing bolts available- See Options
Maximum Operating Pressure 150 PSI (10.34 Bar)
Meets ASME Code

The ADS Advantage:
- No backwash
- No sludge
- Non-hazardous/ safe disposal
- Easy insert/remove cartridges
- Inexpensive
- Reliable
- Compact design
- Patent Pending Technology